Kalona Brand Company - The Story Behind Our Name

Celebrated in Hawaiian chants, stories, and traditions, are the names of revered and famous chiefs who cared for the people, protected their islands and districts,  and developed productive systems creating sustainable abundance.


Among those stories chiefs is Kalona Iki, ruling chief of Oahu in around 1400 – 1500 AD, and remembered as being a wise and just ruler. Kalona Iki’s father was Mailikukahi, who established his line of chiefs who ruled over Oahu for successive generations.


Mailikukahi is known to have established a system of land division today referred to as the ahupuaa system in Hawaii. The island was divided into moku or districts, ahupuaa or smaller subdivisions of the land, and ili or land sections within the ahupuaa. He also developed the traditional land management system whereby lessor chiefs or landlords governed over the various districts, enforced the kapu or rules, and engaged with the community in collectively managing the natural resources.


Under the governance of Mailikukahi, and his son Kalona Iki, the island of Oahu achieved great agricultural productivity, sustainable abundance, peace, and prosperity. Kalona Brand Company seeks to restore the once great agricultural productivity, sustainable abundance, peace and prosperity to Oahu, Hawaii, and beyond.