OUR Purpose:

Kalona Brand seeks to revitalize agriculture in Hawaii by developing sustainable farm operations and food systems. We strive for sustainable food systems that provide long term financial viability, actively engage and strengthen communities, steward the aina with environmentally sound land use practices, and competitiveness in a global economy.


Kalona Brand is named after Kalona iki, son of Māʻilikūkahi, the first ruling chief of Oʻahu. Māʻilikūkahi and Kalona iki are known to have established the systems of land division and management referred to today as the ahupuaʻa system. They are remembered for creating fertile and abundant agricultural systems to feed the island’s population creating abundance, peace, and prosperity.






our products:

Premium Hawaiian Chocolate

Kalona Brand plans to grow, process, and manufacture premium Hawaiian chocolate. Our cacao will initially be grown in the ahupuaa of Kawailoa above the historic Haleiwa Town. Enhanced by our sustainable farming practices, we will ensure that only the highest quality cacao is grown and manufactured to the delight of our customers.

Fresh Fruits

Kalona Brand will also provide fresh and locally grown fruits for local schools and communities in Hawaii. Our fruits are grown using regenerative practices and grounded in the principles of aloha aina. Our plans include ulu, avocado, and more.

Our educational, cultural, community and environmental returns:


Kalona Brand seeks to partner with educational programs for students to participate in formal training sessions and in-field experience in agriculture, agri-business, value-added processes, marketing, and manufacturing. Kalona will also conduct research programs at the Kalona site, both proprietary and in cooperation with educational and research organizations.



Kalona Brand seeks to expand the production of traditional Hawaiian crops including taro, ulu, sweet potato, and olena.

We seek to implement traditional ahupuaa management practices for both long-term sustainability of the farm operations and goal to expand the use of these practices to other Hawaii sites.



Kalona Brand seeks to provide local jobs in the community, promote diversity in the workplace, and deliver nutritious and high-quality food and products to the local community.



Kalona Brand will implement sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices including building soil fertility and heath, increasing water retention and percolation and reducing run-off, enhancing biodiversity and sequestering carbon through permanent crops and agroforestry.